250kva generator price | cummins generator

250kva generator price

250kva generator price

05 Jun , 2024

250kva generator price


250kva generator price | cummins generator


250kva Suhdir gensets provided by United Power. Visit the website for a variety of diesel generators that suit your needs. More Information You Can Contact Us.


Powering your business with a 250 KVA Cummins Generator


In the dynamic scenario of industries where power cuts are not just a convenience but a necessity, having a reliable and efficient generator can make a lot of difference. Among the range of power solutions available, the 250 KVA Cummins Generator stands out as a strong and reliable option for businesses of all sizes. Let us see what makes these generators a preferred choice to ensure continuous power supply.

For this, United Power has brought you 250 KVA Cummins Gensetes



What are the solutions to your power cut problem? 


United Power provides generators to industrial cities at a good price.


Strong performance


The heart of the 250 KVA Cummins Generator lies in its engine, which has been carefully designed to deliver optimum performance under varying loads and conditions. Powered by Cummins diesel engines, these generators provide a main power output of 250 KVA (equivalent to 200 kW) with a power factor of 0.8. This means consistent and reliable power generation to support your critical functions, whether for continuous prime power or standby power during an outage.


United Power's gensets provide strength to the industries and with their strength, you can have the benefits of the generator for a long time.


Built to endure


Durability is the hallmark of United Power's Cummins generators. Constructed from high-quality components and materials, these Sudhir generators are engineered to withstand the rigours of continuous operation. From the robust engine block to the advanced cooling system, every aspect is designed for longevity and efficient performance, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity for your business.


Fuel efficiency and environmental responsibility


Cummins generators are designed with fuel efficiency in mind, optimizing the combustion process to reduce fuel consumption without compromising performance. This not only translates into cost savings but also aligns with environmental sustainability goals by reducing carbon emissions per unit of electricity produced. Additionally, Cummins engines are engineered to meet stringent global emissions regulations, ensuring compliance and environmental responsibility.



Analogue solution


Every company has different energy requirements, and Cummins recognises the value of offering customised solutions. Cummins provides complete power solutions to match your unique demands, whether you want a synchronised system for a big industrial complex or a solo generator for a small site.



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In today's competitive landscape, reliable power supply is not only a necessity but also a strategic advantage. With a 250 KVA Cummins generator, you can empower your business with the confidence of uninterrupted operations, increased efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Contact United Power today to purchase a 250 KVA Cummins generator. United Power Grow Your Business with 250 KVA Gensets